One of the fastest growing cities in India and a major textile hub, Coimbatore was ranked as the 'Best Emerging City in India' by India Today in 2014. The city is home to more than 25,000 industries and is the second largest software producer in Tamil Nadu after Chennai. Coimbatore is also one of the major manufacturers of automotive components in India with car-makers like Maruti Udyog and Tata Motors sourcing 30 percent of their parts, from the city. The city is also a major educational hub and houses seven universities as well as many engineering and medical colleges.

At Bajaj Finserv, we understand the demands of a growing city with growing needs. Our smart Home Loan option in Coimbatore has thus been designed to help you buy your dream home without any hassles.

Features and Benefits

Planning to buy a home in Coimbatore? Bajaj Finserv Home Loan helps you buy a home at the lowest interest rate of 9.50%. Bajaj Finserv Home Loans offer a host of benefits, here’s a few:

Home Loan +

Buying a home involves a lot of money and to add that personal touch to your home, you may require additional funds to spend on fixtures and fittings. To help you smarten your home, Bajaj Finserv presents Home Loan +, an option that gives you an additional amount exclusively to spend for this purpose.


If you have used your own funds to purchase a home in the last 12 months, you can get the property refinanced and take a loan up to the registered value of your property.

Part prepayment facility

With our part prepayment facility, you can pay back any amount of the loan that you have taken but the total amount should not be less than 3 EMIs. Part prepayment can be done post clearance of the first EMI.

Nil foreclosure charges

You can close your Home Loan anytime during the loan tenor without having to pay any foreclosure charges.

Online account access

You can get all information about your home loan through our digital portal - Experia.

3 EMI Holiday

Not many home buyers know that there is more to a Home Loan than just paying the down payment. Apart from the initial down payments and the interest rate, there are a lot of additional costs that raise the price by almost 25 percent.

To help you plan your finances better so that you can pay your EMIs without any stress, Bajaj Finserv presents 3 EMI free months, a unique feature that allows you not to pay EMIs for the first 3 months. The total amount of the first 3 EMIs is spread over the rest of your loan tenure.

To further explore, try our 3 EMI Holiday calculator online.

Flexi scheme

An existing Home Loan customer can avail of our unique Flexi Saver option on a new or existing top-up loan. With this unique feature, you can save interest as well as manage your cash flows efficiently. The flexi scheme lets you re-avail the principal amount that you paid back at any time within the loan tenure without any additional documentation.

How to Apply


To apply for a quick Home Loan in Coimbatore, you need to log-on to our online application form and fill-in some basic details.


You can call us on 1-800-209-4151 and our representative will get in touch with you.

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New customers can visit any of our branches or call us at 1800 1033535 or just SMS “HOME” to 9773633633.

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Existing customers can call us at 020-39574151 (call charges applicable) or write to us at:

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