Travel and Holiday

Bajaj Finserv makes it simple to plan domestic and international holidays for you and your family. Just choose the destination and divide all your travel spends into easy EMIs.

Features and Benefits

Divide your travel spends into easy EMIs

Are you planning a vacation? Why not divide all your travel and hotel booking costs into easy EMIs. All you have to do is choose a destination that you want to visit and swipe the EMI Card at our travel partner to pay for the holiday package. Just pay a minimum down payment and divide the travel costs into easy EMIs.


Choose the domestic or international destination and divide your travel and hotel booking into no cost EMIs with minimum down payment.

Domestic and International Holidays

Travel to domestic and international destinations with easy EMIs.

Instant Approval

When you swipe your EMI Card, there is no waiting. Get instant approval basis your loan amount eligibility. Log into our customer portal or Experia app to know your eligibility.

To get Experia app SMS EMI to 56070

Minimum Documentation

Experience a seamless process of availing the loan by just swiping your EMI card and signing on a Cancellation Charges Form at the time of booking your holiday.

Online Account Access

Get all information you need about your loan, such as payment schedule, interest certificate, etc., through our customer portal.


How to Book

  • Visit the nearest our travel partner or their website
  • Choose the holiday package you like
  • Swipe your EMI card and get ready for that much-awaited trip

To apply for Bajaj Finserv EMI Card click here


Eligibility and Documents

To book your domestic or international holidays on no cost EMIs, you must be a Bajaj Finserv EMI Card holder.

If you are an EMI Card holder with ECS - Visit your nearest store and simply swipe and divide all you buy into no cost EMIs.

If you are an EMI Card holder without ECS - Submit below documents to the nearest Bajaj Finserv branch.

Documents required

  1. Open ECS mandate duly signed (open ECS is same as other ECS with an extended period so that you don’t have to give a fresh ECS for your purchases in future)
  2. One cancelled cheque
  3. KYC documents (government issued photo ID proof and residence proof)
  4. One passport size photograph



Book domestic or international holiday with you Bajaj Finserv EMI Card across top 4 partners at 240+ booking points and divide all your travel spends into no cost EMIs with our below partners

Thomas Cook
Cox & Kings
Royal Orchid