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Up to Rs. 2 crore

Flexible tenor options | Quick Processing

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About LAP for DL

What is Loan Against Property for Doctors

Bajaj Finserv brings exclusive Loan against property for Doctors. Avail loan against property or transfer your existing loan with loan amount up to Rs.2 Cr with 24-hour approval.

How it helps?


Attractive interest rates that make your Doctor Loan much more affordable and easy- going on your pocket.


Customized repayment options, with line of credit facility to suit your daily needs.


Flexible tenor options ranging up to 180 months.


Door-step services available to make it an easy going process for you.

Features and Benefits

Loan against property for Doctors-

Secure a loan amount against your property with loan value as high as Rs.2 Cr. Minimal documents with online fund management facility. Door step service to make your experience hassle free.

Line of credit

Line of Credit is a facility where you are given a “credit line” and during the term of the facility you pay interest component only on the amount utilized. The monthly instalment for Line of Credit will consist only of the interest amount and will not have a principal component on a monthly basis. The principal amount of loan is to be repaid at the end of the tenure of the facility.

Products offered

We have a range of products to cover your varied needs. You can avail of our Loan Against Property for any of the following:

  1. Loan Against commercial property
  2. Loan Against residential property
  3. Loan for purchase of commercial property
  4. Line of Credit loan

Preapproved offers

As an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv, you will be eligible to get exclusive pre-approved offers from us. These offers may include a top-up loan or even reduction of rates from time to time.

Property Dossier

Property Dossier is another industry first value added service offered to Mortgage customers of Bajaj Finserv. Property Dossier is a customized report that guides the customer through all the legal and technical aspects of owning a property in a simple and crisp manner. It also covers general property knowledge tips as well as all macro factors like property index of the city, important property tips etc.

Property Search Services

Searching for the perfect property is a task that requires proper guidance, at each step. We want to ensure that you get the best possible assistance right from search of the property to purchase of the property. Click here for more details

Quick Processing

Hustle free loan disbursal process with minimal documentation. Your requirements would be completed in a short span of time.

Customized Insurance schemes

Customer can avail insurance cover on the loan availed by Bajaj Finance against payment of one time premium. This premium payment can be funded as part of loan amount to ease burden on customer. There is provision of 0% finance on high ticket premium funded from Bajaj Finance to avail loan.

Online account access

Being a Doctor means being always or mostly on the move. You need a kind of information resource or a tracker that you can access any time anywhere. Home Loan digital customer portal – is that tool. Once you’ve availed a Home Loan from Bajaj Finserv, you can get all information about your loan like payment schedule, interest certificate, repayment track and key information related to your loans through our Home Loan digital customer portal-Experia.

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

11- 14% Rate of interest

Up to 2% processing fee

NIL Loan statement charges

NIL Interest & principle statement charges

NIL PDC swap charges

2.00% p.m Penal interest

NIL Part prepayment charges*

Rs.1000 EMI bounce charges*

*Applicable following 1st EMI clearnce.

How to Apply

How to Apply

  • Online: Click here to apply for a Loan Against Property for Doctors in a hassle-free way.
  • Offline: To apply for a Loan Against Property for Doctors, write to us at
  • SMS DLM to 9773633633

Here are the steps you need to follow when applying for an online Home Loan on our user-friendly website.

Step 1. Fill in your personal details

All you have to do is enter your personal details including your name, date of birth, address, and contact details.

Step 2. Receive confirmation call to know the offer

Representative from Bajaj Finserv will call you within 24 hours with your approved amount.

Step 3. Submit requisite documents

Submit copies of all your documents, including ID, address, signature proof, photographs, employment and income details with our representative.

Step 4. Money-in-bank in 48 hours

Complete verification and disbursal of your loan amount within 48 hours of document pick-up.

So, go ahead! Apply for Loan against property for doctors with us, get exactly what you want, and be a part of our family.

Eligibility & Documents

Eligibility & Documents

This Loan against property for Doctors is available to new as well as existing customers of Bajaj Finserv. The criteria and documents required for the same are listed below-

Eligible applicants are:


Super Specialist Doctors (MD/DM/MS) - Minimum 1 years of post-qualification experience.


Graduate Doctors (MBBS) - Minimum 2 years of post-qualification experience


Dentists Doctors (BDS/MDS) - Minimum 5 years of post-qualification experience


Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Doctors’/BAMS- Minimum 8 years of post-qualification experience


Homeopathic Doctors: DHMS- Minimum 15 years of post-qualification experience


Own house/Clinic (Parental own house or any other location were Bajaj finance Ltd operates)


A Loan against Property eligibility with Bajaj Finserv includes the following scenarios:


You are an Indian Resident


You are at least 26 years of age when the loan is sanctioned


You are a self-employed professional with a regular source of income

Documents required are as:


KYC document(s)


Signature Proof


Medical Registration Certification


PAN Card


IT Returns & Balance Sheet & P/L Account statement for the last 2 years.


Copy of property paper to be mortgaged.

*Kindly note that the list of documents mentioned is indicative. During loan processing additional documents may be asked for the same will be appropriately communicated to you as and when required



With Bajaj Finserv, you can avail of a Mortgage Doctor Loan ranging upto 2 Crores.
The minimum tenor available for this loan upto 240 months.
You can repay through NACH (National Automated Clearing House)
Click here for applying online Or For Home /Loan or Loan Against Property for Doctors, SMS DLM to 9773633633

All our loans come with the Part-Prepayment facility. With this, you can part prepay as much as you want for up to 6 times in a calendar year, post the clearance of your first EMI. Minimum amount should be 3 times of the EMI for Part prepayment

The details regarding the foreclosure and part prepayment charges can be checked in our 'fee & charges' section.

LOC stands for Line of Credit, is a facility where you are given a “credit line” and during the term of the facility you pay interest component only on the amount utilized. The monthly installment for Line of Credit will consist only of the interest amount and will not have a principal component on a monthly basis. The principal amount of loan is to be repaid at the end of the tenure of the facility. To read more click here.

Line of Credit: Customer avails loan and uses the same as a FIXED credit line with renewal option every year. Option to prepay with surplus funds as well as withdraw within the available limit Repayment of interest only every month, applicable on the utilized amount.

Term loan: Customer avails loan and repays in equated installments normally option to prepay with surplus funds, but no withdrawal options. Repayment of interest and principal every month.f

Following table explains the cash flow benefit on a sample loan of 20 lacs.

Cash flow benefit in using line of credit:-


Term Loan

Line Of Credit

Loan Amount

Rs 20,00,000

Rs 20,00,000





36 months

36 months

Monthly Cash flow

EMI of Rs 73,312

Interest of Rs 31,667

Yearly Cash flow

Rs. 73,312 *12= Rs 8,79,744

Rs 31,667 *12= Rs. 3,80,004 (subject to full utilization)



Rs. 8,79,744- Rs 3,80,004= Rs. 4,99,740 (subject to full utilization)

Loan against property sanctioned by us can be used for the following end uses:

  • Business needs
  • Mortgage buyout/Balance Transfer of existing loan
  • Consolidation of debt
  • Personal needs

Yes, he/she can take the loan. All the co-owners of the considered property need to come in as co-applicants to the loan.

There are no restrictions on the end usage of the loan unlike home loan/mortgage loan. Doctors can use them for any of his personal needs for example: loans for clinic, loans for medical practice, financing hospital etc.


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