Message from the Customer Experience team

Bajaj Finserv believes in building trust through transparency. It is this motto that allows us to acknowledge your support and address queries faster. We walk with our ears to the ground and are always alert for any issue or concern which our customers may have. It is this spirit that drives us to serve our customers well.

For us at Bajaj Finserv, being accessible and accountable is the key to a healthy relationship with our customers. We have strengthened our digital channels so that you can access your account at the click of a button through our Bajaj Finserv mobile app and online through our customer portal. You may also write to us at Additionally, a user friendly bidirectional SMS facility is available to address your top queries faster. To know more about ways to reach us, click on the relevant tabs on this page.

As we continue on this journey, one thing won't change - an assurance of our best service to you at all times.