Cultures and Competencies

Our Culture

Open, Entrepreneurial, Inclusive, Customer Focused, Agile and Empowered is how we best describe our culture. It’s at the core of all.
At Bajaj Finance Limited, we believe in an all-inclusive work environment that has people from diverse backgrounds working in complete harmony and synergising their capabilities. It is our core value system that has become the common thread driving our culture.

Do more. earn more.

‘Do more. earn more.’is the mantra that we live by at Bajaj Finserv. And this is practiced in the day to day functioning of the organisation through deliverables of every individual. Performance is held in high regard and is amply rewarded.

Our Competency framework is focused on ensuring every employee can reach the pinnacle of effectiveness. Our robust Rewards & Recognition framework focuses on rewarding achievers continuously through the year across all levels.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We strongly promote the entrepreneurial mindset. We inculcate and encourage an attitude to seek positive change to create more value for our stakeholders. We believe in empowering our employees to own business and customers. To seek new answers to old questions. To identify opportunities and deliver ideas that convert those opportunities.

Customer ownership

The most effective way of standing apart from the competition is to continuously enhance value to customers. The best path to delivery of value to the customer is through ownership of each customer. Anticipating their needs, exceeding their expectations and making every moment and aspect of the relationship a pleasant experience, is the mantra of every employee at Bajaj Finance.

Ethics & transparency

We tolerate zero deviation from high standards of ethics and transparency. For us ethics translate into being fair, respectful and trustworthy in our dealing with each and every one we get in touch with. We are transparent in all our activities and publish regular business dashboards and numbers to our intranet portal for the benefit of all the employees. We update employees on various business initiatives from time to time. At our quarterly town hall, Confluence, our employees get the opportunity to ask questions, share feedback and suggestions on all aspects of work.


We look at our competencies as Our Way of going about work. We have 7 key Competencies clustered under Strategy, Execution and People . Strategy cluster comprises Strategic Focus, Entrepreneurship and Customer Focus. Execution Cluster comprises Result Orientation and Agility. Inspirational Leadership and Organizational Talent Development are grouped into the People Cluster.

Strategic focus:

Pursue goals
Applies to understanding of the industry context and possibilities for the organization. With a focus on organization needs, it translates vision into long-term strategic priorities to sustain and succeed in the future.


Convert risks into opportunities
Helps drive end-to-end ownership of business by adopting an innovative approach and proactively scanning the environment to seize profitable business opportunities with a focused approach towards risk management.

Customer focus:

The reason why we exist
We understand and drive ownership amongst our employees for the needs and expectations of our customers. We address these by using customer understanding as the base for organizational decision making towards building strong long lasting relationships on trust.

Result orientation:

Pursue outcomes over tasks
We believe in continuously raising the bar. Life, for us, is about exceeding goals with a balanced view of timelines and available resources.


Flexibility to reprioritise
We believe in being nimble in adapting one’s approach to situations and people and acting fast, particularly in complex or ambiguous situations.

Inspirational leadership:

Push our cause
We are a DO culture. Leadership across levels has to be earned, every day. Leadership is based on respect, inclusiveness, empathy and flexibility.

Organizational talent development:

Develop our people
Pushing the bar needs continuous investments into talent development. It means understanding the evolving needs of an organization and continuously evolving the need for individual development. We believe in fostering and promoting long term learning for all individuals across the organisation.

Employee Engagement Initiatives


Kudos, a peer-to-peer recognition platform, created specifically for employees to appreciate and nominate their colleagues across levels for displaying any of our 7 competencies has been a great success in its first phase. Based on the simple rules – “Appreciate. Nominate. Felicitate.” employees can praise their colleagues and those with maximum number of votes in a semester shall be chosen as ‘Competency Champion’ to be felicitated at our quarterly conference.

Kudos, being a social initiative, will be also shared on our social media channels, for the world to see and also as a proud moment to be shared among your near and dear ones in the days to come.

Here’s your chance to pass on Kudos to those who deserve it.

Family day

At BFL, we believe that or employee families are part of our extended family. We started Family day in 2013 to celebrate a day with employees and their families. This has become an annual event that employees look forward to attending every year. Employees and their families including spouse, parents & kids are invited for a get-together with a series of activities including sports, games, food, music, children’s painting competition, etc.

Excelsior league

Convert risks into opportunities
Helps drive end-to-end ownership of business by adopting an innovative approach and proactively scanning the environment to seize profitable business opportunities with a focused approach towards risk management.

Excelsior league, our League of high performers is an event where 5% of our high performers are awarded with the esteemed honour of being Excelsior’s at an exotic location. It is a 2 day 3 night event planned with the family of the winners sponsored by the organization. The awards are handed over by the CEO and Business Head to the employee and their family member. The League is the most sort after reward for the employees at BFL and the league sets a benchmark for others to strive to achieve the same. Every year almost 25% of the overall R&R budget is mapped for the program. The event is telecasted live to employees across locations to celebrate and cheer their team members as they accept the awards.

SMT Excelsior league – the SMT Excelsior league was designed to recognize the Business Heads who have led their teams and taken their Business to the next level. The award constitutes of an International vacation voucher for the entire family. An award night for the winners along with the family members of the entire Senior Leadership Team is held every year.


Reunion is our annual get together which takes place at a luxurious resort in Goa. Around 65% of employees PAN India travel to Goa for a 2 day 3 nights stay. The event is full of recreational activities for employees. It also acts as a meeting point for business groups to come together and share camaraderie.

Fun @ work

The old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Fun @ work is a framework to drive various contests and sport activities to keep our employees engaged.

Diwali gifts

Every year, on the occasion of Diwali, a gift and greeting card, thanking the families for their support in the growth of the organization is sent across to their residence signed by our Chief - HR. The cards are addressed to the spouse / parent and convey the wishes of the organization. This year we gifted a lantern as part of the Diwali gift.

Cricket mania

Cricket tournament at regional level for top 8 cities is held every year. Registered employees battle it out on the field in their respective cities. Top teams from each location are invited to our head office in Pune to compete for the grand prize. This year, the tournament will be extended to top16 cities.

IPL contest

The Indian Premiere League Cricket tournament has a mass fan following. To add to this excitement, every year at the roll out of IPL, we launch IPL – Guess the Winner contest. Employees can vote for any team that they think could win the IPL Season and win themselves a gift voucher.

Football mania

We launched Football mania at regional level for top 8 cities this year. Registered employees including off roll employees battled it out on the field in their respective cities. Top teams from each location were invited to our head office in Pune to compete for the grand prize.

Indoor sports championship

This is an initiative for employees who are keen on indoor games. Table Tennis & Chess tournaments are held across branches PAN India. Winners are announced across Locations.

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day is a celebrated occasion, a day when our whole country comes alive to celebrate the day we gained freedom from foreign rule. To celebrate this day, we organized a Branch decoration contest for branches PAN India. Employees were invited to colour their branches with the spirit of independence and decorate their workspace to celebrate the fervour of patriotism.


Shutter is a platform for our employees to showcase their talent as budding photographers. It is one of our key events which allow our employees to enjoy their hobby while at work. Shutter is a quarterly event. Each quarter a photography theme is launched where employees are required to submit their photos in line with the theme. Entries are judged by employees and a professional photographer. Top 3 entries win gift vouchers.

Digital contests

To increase two way communication and interaction with employees and to include employee families in our events, we launched Pure Life, our wellness campaign on Yammer - a social networking platform. Several online contests have been launched on Yammer open to employees and their families.

1) Dabba contest – Share a picture of your tiffin to show its content
2) Shopping Selfie – Share a picture with family taken shopping for groceries at supermarket
3) Healthy Recipe contest – Share your recipe of a healthy meal

I make a difference

I make a difference is a unique program which was launched on 6th June, 2014 especially for ‘Our Employee’, the core strength of Bajaj Finance, with an aim to create an environment of learning, discovery and innovation which connects them to the heart of their priorities and purpose in life and work. The program design provides employees with numerous opportunities to make a difference to their life and the immediate environment around them. The program aims to drive camaraderie amongst employee through activities and initiatives which align to certain predefined themes. The experiences which employees will derive through the ‘I Make A Difference’ program will not only give them a higher sense of work satisfaction but will also help them discover many moments of personal and emotional satisfaction as well.

The first theme launched under the program was ‘Parents’. A parent is every child’s “first teacher”. They always taught us that it’s not too late to make a beginning and never too bad to make a change. Employees were invited to pledge to make a difference to their parents and commit 2 activities that they would do for their parents in the next 30 days. Along with this, a personalized employee message to their parents and a family photo was captured. Over 300 employees took the pledge for their parents. As a token of appreciation, a gift box was sent to employee parents comprising of a ‘Thank you’ card, employee message to their parents, family photo and a box of dry fruits. The experience brought an overwhelming response from both employees and their parents.

Milestone achievement program

The Mile Stone Achievement (MSA) awards, part of our Rewards & Recognition framework, are loyalty awards for employees who have completed 5/10/15/20/25 years in the organization. Awards range from cash prizes to International vacations to Tanishq vouchers. In Oct’14, we launched the Milestone achievement program in order to give additional benefits to our MSA employees, which is over and above the MSA award. The program helps to encourage employees to stay with the organization and grow with the company. The policy is designed to include both employee and their family on various parameters with respect to -

  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Development
  • Work Life Balance
  • Wellness

Future focus

Every year, as a part of the Annual Operating Plan, a few company projects are identified with the objective of delivering core capabilities and creating differentiators for us in the market. Once implemented, these projects are strategy in action, shaping our company's future. A practice that has been followed is that the top 2 company project teams every year receive a cash award of Rs. 12 lacs along with a certificate of recognition co-signed by the CEO and Vice Chairman. These are usually cross functional projects launched to give exposure in different functions. The Top 2 Projects are selected by employees through an annual voting exercise which constitutes 50% weightage.