A Business Loan is a loan without security, giving you access to credit that can be paid back over an agreed time along with the interest. It can be used for the expansion of an existing business or investing in a new one without pledging anything against the borrowed amount.
At Bajaj Finserv, we are committed to help your growing businesses with Small Business Loans in India. Now apply for a Business Loan online and get approval within minutes.

Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Business Loan

A Business Loan is a great way to secure your financing and increase working capital. Read on to know more about the unique benefits of taking a Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv:

Loans up to 30 Lakh

We offer the highest unsecured loan amount by any loan provider in India in this segment. Not only do you get a credit up to 30 Lakh as Business Loans but you can also avail it online, at the push of a button. 

Apply for a Business Loan online with us hassle-free. Read more about our eligibility criteria and documents.

No Guarantors. No Collateral.

You don't need to provide any Guarantors or give any collateral to avail our Business Loans, even when you apply online. Our Business Loan terms and conditions are transparent, no hidden clauses.

Part Pre-payment Facility

There are times when you may have some extra cash in hand, you can then choose to pre-pay a part of your loan amount which would not only reduce your overall tenor/EMIs but also help you close your loan quickly. Use our Business Loan part pre-payment calculator to calculate the part pre-payment amount.

These points will help you understand part-prepayment better:

  • You can pre-pay up to six times in a calendar year
  • The minimum pre-payment amount cannot be less than the sum of 3 EMIs.
  • There is no maximum limit for the pre-payment amount.

Nil Foreclosure charges

In case you choose to foreclose your loan anytime during your tenor after the first EMI is paid, you can do so without any added foreclosure charges. 

Preapproved Offers

As an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv, you will be eligible to get exclusive pre-approved offers from us. These offers may include a top-up loan or even reduction of rates from time to time. 

Find out all about our fees and charges.

Online Account Access

Once you’ve availed a Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv, you can get all information about your loan like payment schedule, interest certificate, repayment track and key information related to your loans through our digital customer portal.

You can apply for a Business Loan or check out our Business Loan FAQs to know more.

Flexi Loans

Flexi Loan account is an industry first facility extended to you by Bajaj Finserv to add flexibility to your finances and help you save more in the long run.
With a Flexi Loan Account, you get a credit limit in your name which you can use as per your need and only pay interest on the amount being used by you and not on the overall credit assigned.

Benefits of Flexi Loans

Flexi Loan offers many benefits over an existing Term Loan:

  • You have the flexibility to pre-pay the loan with idle funds.
  • You can re-avail the pre-paid amount within the drop-line facility at any time within the loan tenor timeframe without any additional documentation.
  • You save on Interest costs – Interest is payable only on the utilized loan amount. There is no interest levied on the pre-paid amount.
  • Seamless, easy, hassle-free online transactions on the Bajaj internet portal– Experia, the self-service account access tool for drawdown and RTGS that allows you to make pre-payments to BFL through Net Banking facility.


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