About Bajaj Finance Limited

About Bajaj Finance Limited

We believe that one life is all you have, to be the best you can be. And this belief fuels the primal desire to create a bigger, better reality every day, of course with the access to means as a precondition.
Today, we’re the most diversified non-bank in the country financing the widest set of outcomes. The cornerstone of our success lies in understanding your issues and pain points in acquiring the means (finance) you need to be your best self. By keeping your at the centre, we’ve created products and services to help you make your tomorrow better.

We’re driven by a simple philosophy that good is the enemy of great. Good keeps you from being, all that you can be. So we never settle for good. Every achievement in our journey is but a trigger for us to better the benchmark. Greatness is not a destination but a journey, and it is this journey that we celebrate.

You may think that all banks and non-banks do it, so what’s the big deal? There is.

While you go about acquiring means(finance), we let you do it in the least time and with the least effort. And we ensure your pursuits are not hindered by limited access to finance by extending the biggest ticket sizes across most of our portfolios.

Through deep investments in technology, processes and people, we have constantly strived to deliver what we promise. We partner with the best in the game across the world to cut process time and sift out unnecessary details. We put a result oriented work culture ahead of everything else. We keep as much focus on simplifying life for our existing customers as we do for acquiring new ones.
The net result - you get what you need in lesser time, a more transparent manner, so nothing comes in between you and your best self.

Consumer Finance

Durable Finance
Lifestyle Finance
Digital Product Finance
EMI Card
Personal Loan
Loan against FD
Extended warranty
Gold Loan
Professional Loan
Home Loan
Retail EMI
Co-branded Credit Card
Today, we are the top consumer electronics and personal loans lenders in India. Every 4th flat paneled televisions sold within the country is though us.

SME Finance

E-commerce seller finance
Home Loan
Loan against Property
Gold Loan
Lease rental discounting
Business Loan
Loan Against Shares
Professional Loan

Present in the top 40 cities in India, our SME business is growing at the rate comfortably higher than the industry.

Commercial Lending

Auto Component Vendor Financing
Large Value Lease Rental Discounting
Loans against Securities
Financial Institutions Lending
Light Engineering Finance
Corporate Finance
Present in the top 40 cities in India, our SME business is growing at the rate comfortably higher than the industry.


Fixed Deposit
Mutual Funds

The Fixed Deposit scheme of the company is accredited with the highest degree of safety by CRISIL via FAAA rating.