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How neighbourhood electronics stores are coming to your doorstep



Hyperlocal stores make shopping easy and quick

You can complete your purchase online

Shop for electronics from the best brands

Pick a seller of your choice and schedule home delivery

In the past decade, online shopping has undergone a complete makeover. Instead of waiting for weeks for your purchases to be delivered, now you only have to wait a day or two. In fact, with the onset of next-day and same-day delivery, the delivery cycle has become leaner and smarter.

And making this transformation possible is hyperlocal commerce, a relatively new mode of business where you can shop online and get your order delivered from a local store in just a few hours.

How hyperlocal businesses make shopping convenient
As per a recent study, the hyperlocal market in India is going to reach Rs.2,306 crores by 2020. The reason for its popularity is the sheer convenience that it offers to consumers.

Hyperlocal businesses position themselves as the bridge between the customer and the store. They pick up products of your choice, from stores you’re familiar with, and deliver them to your door in a time-efficient manner. What’s more, you can place your order online, schedule the delivery, and track your order right up to when the doorbell rings.

Bringing electronics to your doorstep
While hyperlocal businesses came into existence with the delivery of groceries, it has expanded to include several more categories of products and services, one of which is electronics. Even as recently as five years ago, buying a big-ticket item like a refrigerator or a TV needed serious consideration. You would have to visit a store or two, sift through the models, go back and forth between variants to find what you were looking for, make the payment and then wait for delivery.

With hyperlocal businesses tapping into the electronics segment, you can browse through products and compare them online, pay for the model of your choice, and then schedule delivery for the same day from a store near you.

Shop smart with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store
One such platform is the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, which makes light work of shopping for electronics. It has 43,000 trusted local sellers that are a part of the EMI Network, so shopping here is easy and hassle-free. Simply choose a gadget or appliance from a list of leading brands, pick a store of your choice, and the order will reach your home on the same day.

The real benefit of shopping here is the price advantage that you can enjoy. Not only are the products discounted, you can pay for them using the EMI Network Card, and split your purchase into easy EMIs. You have to repay only the price of the product, without paying any extra charges. The card also comes with a pre-approved limit, so you can shop for electronics without delaying your purchase decision. It’s easy, convenient and quick! In just a couple of minutes you can shop for a brand-new TV, refrigerator, AC, microwave, washing machine, mobile, tablet or laptop. Besides a discount, you can also make use of exciting deals and offers to lower your expenditure and amplify your benefits.