Difference between Health Insurance and Mediclaim

Health Insurance vs. Mediclaim Policy – Know the Difference

The major difference between a health insurance and a mediclaim policy is that the latter only pays for the medical expenses in case of a hospitalization. Mediclaims do not cover pre or post hospitalizations and it mostly does not cover day care treatments as well. In case of a health insurance, however, one can get cover for almost all kinds of illnesses and they include hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, tests conducted, medicine costs and doctor’s fees. It provides an all-round solution to almost all health issues but the premiums of insurance are also much higher than mediclaim insurance. Mediclaim insurance policy does not have any add- on coverage and also provides no flexibility. The sum assured does not exceed Rs 5 lakh, and it also does not cover critical illnesses whereas with insurance one can have a much higher upper limit and one can also get extra critical illness cover.