Bajaj Finance Customer Portal

Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal


Bajaj Customer Portal: Introduction

Bajaj Finance customer portal is a feature-rich customer service platform. It helps simplify transactions online and gives a customer a holistic view of the relationship they have with Bajaj Finserv.

In short, the Bajaj Experia portal is a web-based platform that allows accessing loan-related or other financial product details at any time online.

Its features and offerings benefit users in multiple ways. For example, one can:

• Check loan details

• Monitor EMI payments

• Track insurance policies and premiums

• Download important documents and statements

Besides these, users can also update contact or personal details through the customer portal in no time. Moreover, users can also check special pre-approved offers that are available to them and benefit from the same.

Features and Benefits

The major features and associated benefits of the Bajaj Finserv customer portal include:

• Ease of tracking existing loan details

Users can check active loan accounts and monitor the details from up close. The ease of tracking loan details helps to identify mismatches and helps to keep track of outstanding payments.

• Download crucial documents

You can easily download crucial statements and documents through the Bajaj customer portal in no time. The portal allows customers to view and download important documents such as:

• Loan account statement

• Interest certificate

• No Objection Certificate or NOC

• Scanned documents

Generally, these documents serve as evidence in completing multiple official formalities. They also maintain a record for future reference.

• Initiate loan foreclosure or pay missed EMI

Through the Bajaj Finserv customer portal, you can easily pay missed EMIs and help avoid additional penalties. The customer service portal also facilitates the initiation of loan foreclosure or part-prepayment of active loans.

• Update contact details

With the Experia portal, you can readily update your personal details such as name, residential address or registered mobile and email ID in just a few steps. The prompt service will help us update your new details and share the latest details with you in no time.

• Check pre-approved offers

You can also check pre-approved offers that are tailored just for you through the Bajaj Finserv customer portal. Share basic details such as your name and mobile number to instantly access exclusive offers on financial products such as personal loans and business loans.

Steps to view and update contact details online

Follow these steps to view and update your contact details:

Step 1: Visit the Bajaj Finserv customer login page

Step 2: Login using a combination of your Customer ID & password or mobile number & OTP

Step 3: Navigate to ‘My Profile’

Step 4: Select the option ‘Update contact details’. You can view your existing details there

Step 5: Click on ‘Edit Details’ to add new details

Step 6: Enter a new number and confirm it

Once these steps are covered, you will have successfully updated your contact details. Notably, the Bajaj Experia portal is among the fastest and most hassle-free method of updating contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to login into Bajaj Finserv customer care portal?

Login to the Bajaj Finance customer care portal by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Bajaj Experia portal's official login page

Step 2: Enter your registered email ID, mobile number or customer ID

Step 3: Select either the password or OTP option

Step 4: Click on either 'Next' or 'Generate OTP'

Step 5: Feed relevant details to login

Besides this, you can also log in to our customer care portal via Google or Facebook

2. How to access your Bajaj loan details?

Access your existing Bajaj loan details without any hassle by following these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Bajaj Finance customer portal's login page

Step 2: Enter your registered mobile number, email ID or customer ID

Step 3: Go to ‘My Relations’

Step 4: Click on ‘Active Relations

Step 5: Select the loan details you wish to view

Conversely, you can check Bajaj Finserv loan detail through Bajaj Finserv app. We have a dedicated service team which can be reached on +91-8698010101. Else you could reach us through different modes.

3. What are the ways to login into Bajaj Experia customer portal?

You can login to the Bajaj Experia customer portal through any of these ways:

Customer ID

Registered mobile number

Registered email ID

Facebook Account

Google Account

How to make online payment

From downloading your Account Statement, updating personal details, payment related queries, to unblocking your Bajaj Finserv Digital EMI Network Card, we’ve got your back.


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