All about CRISIL ratings

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Credit ratings by agencies help you make informed investment choices, and CRISIL is a global analytical company that provides ratings and research on investments, along with risk and policy advisory services.

What does CRISIL do

Some of the debt instruments rated by CRISIL include loans, commercial papers, non-convertible debentures, bank hybrid capital instruments, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, bonds, and certificates of deposit.

CRISIL helps investors:

  • Invest their money with credible financiers
  • Evaluate the financier’s ability to service their interest and principal payment obligations
  • Access an unbiased, objective, and independent opinion on the instrument’s safety

How CRISIL ratings affect depositors

CRISIL ratings enable you to sieve through the seemingly attractive offers available across different companies and opt for the right financier. There is no direct impact of CRISIL ratings on FD interest rates, but you should strive for higher interest rates coupled with a high CIBIL rating.

What are the CRISIL ratings for Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Bajaj Finance couples the FAAA rating with high-interest rates of up to 7.75% p.a. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit has an FAAA/ stable rating from CRISIL, which indicates the highest level of safety and the lowest level of investment risk. Bajaj Finance FD also has a rating of MAAA (stable) from ICRA, so it is a secure investment option.

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