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Convert Cent To Square Meter

If you are looking to buy a property,then you should know that 1 cent is equal to 40.46 square meter. Both these unit measures are used to represent an area of land. Though not as popular as hectares and square feet, they are still prevalent unit measures in certain countries and states worldwide.

One cent is equal to 40.46 square meter, and 1 square meter is 0.02471 cents. Both these mathematical relations show you can easily convert cent to square meter. You can conduct square meter to cent conversion as well. See the conversion below.

10 cents = 404.686 square meters
10 square meters = 0.247 cents
20 cents = 809.371 square meters
20 square meters = 0.494 cents
30 cents = 1214.057 square meters
30 square meter = 0.741 cents

What is a cent?

Prominently used in the land transactions deals in the South India in states such as Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the cent is a metric system unit. It is used to express the area of a piece of land in addition to other units of area measurement like Guntha and Ground. A cent is equivalent to 1/100th of an acre. The table below shows its equivalence in other dimensions.

1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
1 cent
0.01 acre
0.605 Katha
0.03025 Bigha
48.4 Gaj
9.68 Chatak
0.01 Killa
0.0004 Murabba
6.05 Ankanam
0.32266666666667 Biswa
0.4 Guntha
48.4 Square Yard
0.08 Kanal
1. 5999941230703 Marla
435.6 Square Feet
62726.440144922 Square Inch
0.0040468603387248 Hectare
0.1815 Ground

What is a square meter?

A square meter is a unit measurement that denotes the area of a square with 1-meter sides. It is denoted by sq. m. or m2 and is used to measure the area of two-dimensional entities, making it a standard unit of measurement in real estate. It is an internationally accepted standard unit to measure the area of a floor or field or any two-dimensional space.

Standard prefixes can be applied to the square meter, resulting in decimal multiples like square decameter, square hectare meter and square kilometer. While these exits, they are seldom used in transactional land deals.

The table below displays some prefixes of the square meter.

Name Multiplier Symbol
Square hectometre 104 hm2
Square decametre 102 dam2
Square megametre 1012 Mm2
Square kilometre 106 km2
Square centimetre 10-4 cm2
Square micrometre 10-12 µm2
Square millimetre 10-6 mm2

Although the square meter is a globally accepted unit measurement of area, it is not popularly used in the United States of America.

Steps to convert cent to square meter

Knowing how to convert cent to square meter and vice versa is important, especially if you are involved in land transactions. Thankfully, this can easily be done if you know the conversion of 1 cent to square meter, which is quite simple.
1 cent = 40.468564224 square meters
This is the only relationship you need to remember to conduct conversions from a cent to square meter. For instance, if you buy a land that is 150 cents, you need to multiply this area in cents by 40.468564224 to get the corresponding area in square meters.
So, if area in cents is equal to 150, then area in square meters is equal to 150 * 40.468564224.
150 * 40.468564224 = 6069.72721300 square meters
Similarly, 200 cents = 8092.96961733 square meters
300 cents = 12139.45442599 square meters
As you can see, knowing this formula, you can convert any area in cents to square meters in a matter of minutes. However, you can use an online cent to square meter calculator to avoid errors and save time.

Steps to convert square meter to cent

1 square meter = 0.024710538146717 cents. This is the only figure you need to remember to convert square meters to cents. So, to convert an area into cents, multiply the area in square meters with 0.024710538146717. So, if an individual buys a property that is 1500 square meters, then its corresponding area in cents is 1500 * 0.024710538146717.

So, cent = 1500 * 0.024710538146717 = 37.06921120
Similarly, 2000 square meters = 49.42561494 cents
3000 square meters = 74.13842240 cents

Below is the square meter to cent conversion table.

Square metre (sq mt) Cents
1 0.0247
2 0.0494
3 0.0741
4 0.0988
5 0.1235
6 0.1482
7 0.1729
8 0.1976
9 0.2223
10 0.247

Cent to square meter conversion table

Cent Square meter (sq mt)
1 cent 40.46 square meter
2 cent 80.92 square meter
3 cent 121.38 square meter
4 cent 161.84 square meter
5 cent 202.3 square meter
6 cent 242.76 square meter
7 cent 283.22 square meter
8 cent 323.68 square meter
9 cent 364.14 square meter
10 cent 404.6 square meter
11 cent 445.06 square meter
12 cent 485.52 square meter
13 cent 525.98 square meter
14 cent 566.44 square meter
15 cent 606.9 square meter

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How to convert cent to square meter?

1 cent is equal to 40.46 square meter. So multiply the number with 40.46, in order to convert it into square meter.

How many cent in square meter?

1 cent is equal to 40.46 square meter

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