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About Us

Bajaj Finance Limited is one of the fastest growing non-banks in India and is also among the 30 largest companies in India, by market cap. A Nifty 50 company, Bajaj Finance Ltd. has a highly diversified portfolio catering to various customer segments across the country.

An industrial scale fintech with innovation at its core, Bajaj Finance Limited offers diverse range of career opportunities for everyone. From roles in Sales, Debt Management Services to Data Analysis, Machine learning we at BFL offer a challenging work environment. accelerated career growth, rewards & recognition to our people ensuring a fulfilling workplace for them to thrive in.

The 13 cultural anchors listed below are the DNA of our organization and helps us get the right fitment for our organization. We are growing and aspire to grow even more. If you have the right talent, we have the perfect opportunity for you at Bajaj Finance Limited.

Our Business Lines


Professional Loans business started in the year 2015 with a goal to provide secured & unsecured loans to a niche segment of professionals, prominent among them being Doctors and Professionals.


Rural lending's unique services will give us a tremendous first movers advantage in the smaller markets.


Our flagship business and the most prominent driver of our growth story. We are the largest consumer electronics, digital products & furniture loan lender in India and amongst the top personal loan lenders as well.

Wealth Management

Simple and effective long term financial planning concepts and tools for assisting our customers in making informed decisions for their savings and investment needs.


Offer wholesale lending products covering short, medium and long term needs of Auto component & Light Engineering companies and Financial institutions in India. We offer a range of structured products collateralized by marketable securities or mortgage.

Continuous Transformation Spirit


A mindset (attitude) that makes one sense opportunities, to create new business or new ways of doing things

High On Ambition

Desire, conviction and a can-do attitude to achieve success.

Long Term Focus

Taking a 5-7 year view on every business.

Non conformist Intellectual Capital

Not follow established customs, attitudes or ideas. Constantly challenge status quo to break the mould, be tenacious and ambitious beyond organizational boundaries


Rightful conduct in all dealings with people, money and company assets.


Grounded and modest sense of oneself; respect for others contribution in achieving one’s success & status.


Personally responsible and accountable for the work and people one leads, take decisions and actions and own the consequences.

Execution Rigor

End to end planning, detailing, monitoring and follow up to lead to committed results.

Hard Work & Drive

Willing to put in significant hard work personally, and ensuring that the team works equally hard to make things happen.

Emotional Intelligence

Awareness and management of personal emotions, empathizing with others and developing positive relationships.

Open & Transparent

Honest, straightforward and non-political in presenting personal thoughts, equally receptive in listening to others’ view-points.

Rewarding Success

Celebrate and reward results, exceptional efforts and taking initiatives.

Meet our people

Bajaj Finserv is a plethora of knowledge, learning and experiences in my career path. The challenges which I faced during my journey till now helped me grow and stand out in the crowd by achieving awards for my consistent efforts towards the growth of the business. It all depend on an individual to either “love what you do or do what you love”.

Sharvi Sachan


I’ve been associated with the Bajaj family for more than 3 years now and it’s a great feeling to be a part of India's most diversified NBFC. We can't deny that there is always a glass ceiling for women limiting their opportunities, but in BFL there are n number of opportunities for everyone and no discrimination at all. Here you can achieve anything if you really want to. I am truly proud to be a part of BFL.

Geetanjali Singh


Just 3 short months, and I believe Bajaj is providing me the platform where I can showcase the best of me. I have learnt so many things in such a small span of time. I believe Bajaj is an organisation where you can grow beyond boundaries and build your career. An open work culture and using new & advanced technologies makes it a booming NBFC and keeps it ahead of everyone. Excited to be a part of such an organisation.

Gaurav Kumar


Till now my stint with BFL has taught me that in order to attain success trusting your supervisors and being aligned to the organizational requirements is one key factor. Bajaj is a fast paced organisation thus being fast & adaptable and approaching work with a positive mind set is something which will help you sustain and will put you apart from others.

Vivek Bansal


Jitendra Mehta


Life at BFL: Events and Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering

We encourage our employees to volunteer their time and skills to the betterment of the society they are a part of, whether as part of an organizational event like tree plantation or registering for a community event.


Every quarter, our Managing director Mr. Rajeev Jain connects with the employees to speak about how the organization is shaping for a better tomorrow.

Own the Branch

A framework designed to provide employees across markets face time with the Senior Leadership team, resulting in organizational goal alignment and providing adequate support.


The pinnacle of our rewards and recognition, this event celebrates superachievers through a 2 night 3 day curated experience, along with their families.