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Car Insurance- Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Whether it is damage to your car or anyone involved in the accident, you can claim the expenses through car insurance. Not only that, car insurance can also compensate you for the damages to your car in case of a theft, fire, vandalism, malicious act, or a natural calamity.

Car insurance is:
• Online
• Mandatory by law
• Quick and easy
Apart from the compensation for your damaged car, you also get the following with car insurance:

  • Cashless settlement

    Network garages can provide cashless repairs for your car.

  • Fast and reliable repairs

    Get your car back on the roads safely with fast and reliable repairs.

  • 24/7 claims assistance

    Anytime an accident happens, get immediate claims assistance.

  • Roadside assistance

    Get roadside assistance like emergency repairs, towing facilities, storage facilities etc.

  • Car hire

    In case of a theft or a major car accident, hire a temporary with an insurance claim.

  • Renew online

    Renew your car insurance within minutes through an online process.

  • Add on covers

    Customise and add additional covers on your car insurance for maximum benefits.

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