Features and benefits

  • Hassle-free funding

    Hassle-free funding

    We offer easy and quick small business loans of up to Rs. 75 lakh at affordable interest rates without any collateral.

  • Flexi facility

    Flexi facility

    Pay interest-only EMIs for the initial tenor and lower your EMIs by up to 45%* to manage your cash flow better.

  • Repay over 8 years

    Repay over 8 years

    Pay off the loan in affordable monthly instalments in up to 96 months and grow your business stress-free.

  • Minimal paperwork

    Minimal paperwork

    Finance your business easily by meeting our simple eligibility terms and submitting only a few documents to apply.

  • 24/7 loan management

    24/7 loan management

    With our customer portal, you can access your business loan account statements from anywhere.

To help the rising number of women entrepreneurs in the country meet their business financial needs, Bajaj Finserv offers a business loan for women with a host of attractive features. With this instrument, you are empowered to grow your enterprise without financial restraints or the need for collateral. All you have to do to avail of the ample sanction of up to Rs. 75 lakh is to meet the lenient eligibility terms and furnish the minimal documentation needed. Enjoy quick approval and get the loan in your bank account in just 48 hours* post-approval.

You can opt for the Flexi loan for even greater financial flexibility. This feature gives you the option to borrow from your loan limit as needed and pay interest only on what you utilise. You can even opt to pay interest-only EMIs to reduce your monthly outgo by 45%* and maintain a healthy business cash flow.

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Eligibility criteria and documents required

  • Nationality


    Resident Indian citizen

  • Age


    24 years to 80 years*
    (* Age should be 80 years at the time of Loan Maturity)

  • Work status

    Work status


  • Business vintage

    Business vintage

    Minimum 3 years

  • CIBIL Score

    CIBIL Score

    685 or higher

Keep these documents ready:

  • KYC documents
  • Profit and loss statements and balance sheets of the last 2 years
  • Proof of business ownership

Interest rate and fees applicable

Get a competitive and attractive interest rate on our business loans for women. Our loans help you borrow funds to grow your business affordably.

How to apply

Applying for our loan is a simple process that requires you to start by filling out an easy application form. Follow these steps:

  1. 1 Click on ‘APPLY ONLINE’ to open the application form
  2. 2 Enter your name and phone number to get the OTP
  3. 3 Share your basic personal and business details
  4. 4 Upload your bank statements for the last 6 months

Once you submit the online form, our representative will reach out to help you with further steps.

Frequently asked questions

Can women get a business loan?

Aspiring women entrepreneurs can get a collateral-free business loan of up to Rs. 75 lakh from Bajaj Finserv. To qualify for the funding, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age must be between 24 years and 80 years* (*Age should be80 years at the time of Loan Maturity)
  • Must own a business with a minimum vintage of 3 years
  • Must have a CIBIL score of 685 or higher
How can a woman get a business loan?

Applying for a Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for women is easy and hassle-free. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Click on 'Apply Online' to open the application form
  • Enter your phone number and authenticate with an OTP
  • Fill in basic personal and business details
  • Upload your bank statement for the last 6 months and submit the form

You will then get a call from our representative, who will guide you on further steps. Once your loan application is approved, you will get the funds you need in just 48 hours*.

Is it easy for a woman to get a business loan?

With the Bajaj Finserv Business Loan, it is convenient to get a high-value loan by fulfilling some simple eligibility criteria. All you need to do is meet the eligibility requirements, fill in the online application form, and submit a few documents. Once approved, you can get a collateral-free loan of up to Rs. 75 lakh.

Do you need a minimum credit score to get a small business loan for women?

You must have a CIBIL score of 685 or higher to qualify for a Bajaj Finserv Business Loan. Once you meet this credit score requirement, you have to fulfil other eligibility parameters and submit a few documents to get funds up to Rs. 75 lakh.

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