ATM Assault Insurance Cover

ATM Assault Cover FAQs

ATM Assault Insurance- Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have ATM Assault insurance?

People leaving ATMs are often easy targets for robbers, especially if the ATM is located in a relatively unpopulated area, or if it is late at night. Having an ATM Assault cover ensures that even if you are robbed, you don’t lose the money you withdrew. ATM Assault Insurance protects you from unforseen situations, you can buy it online by filling online application form.

When should I get an ATM Assault cover?

If you transact in cash and visit an ATM even once a month, you should buy an ATM cover as soon as possible.

   • What is covered under ATM Assault insurance?
The money you withdraw from an ATM, up to Rs. 20,000 will be reimbursed to you in the event of a robbery, if the robbery happens within 15 minutes of you leaving the ATM in question.

   • How long is the ATM Assault cover valid?
The ATM Assault cover is valid for 1 year from the date of the policy purchase. However, the coverage period is limited to a 15-minute duration post leaving an ATM, throughout the year.

   • What is not covered under ATM Assault insurance?
Damage or liabilities to third parties is not covered in any form under this cover, up to and including emergency first aid given to anyone other than you. Any robbery or assault that occurs 15 minutes after you leave the ATM is also not covered.