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Adventures Beyond Barriers

Fostering inclusion via adventure and sports to break-through barriers of disability.
Adventures Beyond Barriers

About Adventures Beyond Barriers

Providing a common platform for all individuals, with or without disability, to come together and experience thrill, fellowship and excitement, Adventures Beyond Barriers (ABB) hosts a spectrum of outdoor and adventure activities to use the power of sports to inspire, include and unite all.

Believing in sports as a universal leveller, ABB focuses on five verticals- marathons and running events, tandem cycling, scuba diving, paragliding, and trekking and mountaineering.

By using sports as a medium and an enabler, ABB believes that recreation knows no discrimination. Supporting the cause that the spirit and language of adventure should not be impeded by impairment, ABB aims to eliminate the misconceptions and social stigma associated with disabled individuals resulting in an environment of openness and empathy towards people with disability.

Our Participation

ABB’s objective to promote inclusivity of the differently-abled in the society, lay the foundation of Bajaj Finserv’s belief of social empowerment and led to our association with the NGO in the year 2017 to support the Tandem Cycling Expedition of ten differently-abled individuals to the world’s highest motorable pass in Ladakh. The expedition celebrates the spirits of the cyclists’ tenacity, their persistence of challenging the existential, them breaking-through new barriers, the victory of will over fears and thus, they realising their full potential.

Freedom is free will #HappyIndependenceDay

"This Independence Day, Bajaj Finserv celebrates the relentless spirit which gives us freedom from barriers that our own mind creates. We are proud to celebrate ‘Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation’ – one of India’s first not-for-profit organizations – that promotes inclusiveness by creating opportunities for people (with and without disabilities) to come together through adventure sports." #FreedomIsFreewill


There were definitely a lot of difficulties and problems. There were days where I would wake up and I didn’t know if I would be able to complete a ride. Those were basically the physical challenges. But at the end we just had to fight it out. And were just glad we completed it.

In many ways this journey has changed my perspective towards life, in many ways it has brought me face to face with myself, it has told me what I can do and how far I can push my limits. It has shown me how strong I am and how vulnerable I am as well.

Other Participation


Rainbow Foundation India
Accommodating the children on streets to support their long-term development.


Lifeline Express
Providing healthcare to the doorstep of patients dwelling in the remote pockets of India.