Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation (JBF-Foundation)

In 1976, the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation was established to promote Gandhian constructive programs and assist constructive workers devoted to the national cause.


The Foundation gives four awards annually, of Rs. 5 Lacs each. Of these, three are given to individuals in India for outstanding contribution in the fields of constructive work on Gandhian lines, application of science and technology for rural development, and upliftment and welfare of women and children. The fourth is an International Award given to individuals other than Indian citizens from foreign countries for their contribution to the promotion of Gandhian values outside India.

Other charitable activities

The Foundation has given donations to various Institutions/ NGOs from time to time to strengthen their various community welfare activities and charitable objectives of welfare of general public utility based on Gandhian philosophy and ideals. Special mention must be made of the Foundation’s project to provide financial assistance to widows of farmers who had committed suicide in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.