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Group Guard 10 Critical Illness Cover Plan

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Worried about expenses on hospitalization due to critical illness? Protect yourself against the financial strain of hospitalization due to critical illness. With Bajaj Finance - Group Guard Insurance Policy – Critical Illness (10 major illnesses) from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd., you can get coverage against ten critical illnesses with a sum insured up to Rs. 1 lakh.

Plan Details

The plan offers coverage up to Rs. 1 lakh in case of 10 types of critical illnesses. The premium for each age band is listed below.

Age Band

Premium (including GST)

18-25 Years

Rs. 190

26 – 30 Years

Rs. 239

31 – 35 Years

Rs. 327

36 – 40 Years

Rs. 440

41 – 45 Years

Rs. 1,007

46 – 50 Years

Rs. 1,722

51 – 55 Years

Rs. 2,707

56 – 60 Years

Rs. 4,634

61 – 65 Years

Rs. 7,085

What's Covered

  • Money-in-bank

    10 Critical illness coverage

    On the detection of any of the 10 critical illnesses mentioned below, the policyholders will get the sum insured

    10 Critical Illness


    Cancer of Specified Severity


    Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis


    Major Organ /Bone Marrow Transplant


    Multiple Sclerosis With Persisting Symptoms


    Myocardial Infarction (First Heart Attack of Specific Severity)


    Open Chest CABG 


    Permanent Paralysis of Limbs


    Primary (Idiopathic) Pulmonary Hypertension


    Stroke Resulting in Permanent Symptoms


    Surgery of Aorta

What is Not Covered / Exclusions

  • Any critical illness for which care, treatment, or advice was recommended by or received from a physician or medical practitioner, or which first manifested itself or was contracted before the start of the cover period, or for which a claim has or could have been made under any earlier policy
  • Any critical illness diagnosed within the first 30 days of the date of commencement of the cover period is excluded. This exclusion shall not apply to the policyholder for which coverage has been renewed (without a break) for subsequent years and or the person who has opted for waiver of waiting period for critical illness
  • Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy, childbirth postpartum complications including but not limited to caesarian section, birth defects and congenital anomalies
  • Occupational diseases 
  • Radioactive contamination
  • Intentional self-injury or the use or misuse of intoxicating drugs or alcohol
  • Any pre-existing disease is not covered under the policy

*For a full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered

Pre-existing condition means any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which there were signs or symptoms or were diagnosed, or for which medical advice or treatment was received within 48 months prior to the first policy issued by the insurer and renewed continuously thereafter.

How to apply


Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on this page and share your basic details in the online application form.


Check and confirm your application by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.


Pay the premium via credit/debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, or any other available online payment mode.


You will receive the details of your membership via email/WhatsApp.

Claim process

You can raise a claim by reaching out to the insurer via one of the following ways:

Contact Us

In case you have any queries related to coverage, exclusions, or claims, please write to us at

Disclaimer - *Conditions apply. This product is offered under the Group Insurance scheme wherein Bajaj Finance Limited is the Master policyholder. Our partner Insurance Company provides the insurance coverage. Bajaj Finance Limited does not underwrite the risk. IRDAI Corporate Agency Registration Number CA0101. The benefits mentioned above and the premium amount are subject to various factors such as the age of insured, lifestyle habits, health, etc. (if applicable). BFL does NOT hold any responsibility for the issuance, quality, serviceability, maintenance, and any claims post-sale. This product provides insurance coverage under Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. Group Guard Insurance policy, UIN: BAJHLGP20109V011920. Please refer to the insurer's website for Policy Wordings. Purchase of this product is purely voluntary. BFL does not compel any of its customers to purchase any third-party products mandatorily.

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