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Loan Against Property

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Features and Benefits

We deploy technology and apply innovation to create unique and compelling propositions that help you do what you always wanted to do. Hereunder are a host of unique features and benefits that you enjoy with Loan Against Property from Bajaj Finserv. Most of these features are industry firsts and come only with our portfolio of offerings. Read on to know more:

Part Prepayment facility

Our part prepayment facility allows you to part prepay any amount on your loan, provided that each prepayment transaction should be equal to sum of 3 EMIs or more. There is no limit on the maximum amount you can pay. This is subject to your clearing your first EMI.

Nil Foreclosure charges

Now you can choose to foreclose your loan anytime during your loan tenure without paying any foreclosure charges.


As an existing LAP customer, you can avail of the unique FlexiSaver facility. Bajaj Finserv is the first non-bank in the country to offer a unique and innovative capability, offering you a combination of Term Loan and Credit Line facility with unique feature to save interest and manage cash flow efficiently.

Online Account Access

View all your loan account information like repayment track, interest certificate, payment schedule and transact on your account on our Customer Portal - Experia. Log in with your Username/Email/Mobile Number and Password from wherever you are and access your loan account details.

Customized Insurance Schemes

Group Credit Protection Plus from Bajaj Allianz

  • Level term Plan, which means you are covered for the complete amount despite reduction/ prepayment of loan amount.
  • Coverage for the complete tenure of the loan up to a maximum of 18 years.

Bajaj Allianz SFSP Policy

Bajaj Allianz’ SFSP Policy offers a comprehensive insurance cover for your home (i.e. residential building) against various contingencies to ensure that your prized possession is always safe!

Property Dossier

What is Property Dossier?

Property Dossier is another industry first value added service offered to Mortgage customers of Bajaj Finserv.

Buying a property is a big investment decision which requires huge finances. There are various aspects of property which are critical to evaluate prior to buying a property but however, are generally missed by the buyers to check. This may result in wrong decision of buying a fraudulent property or huge financial losses to the customer.

Property Dossier is a customized report that guides the customer through all the legal and technical aspects of owning a property in a simple and crisp manner. It also covers general property knowledge tips as well as all macro factors like property index of the city, important property tips etc.

1. Legal Report:

It details out the title flow of the property and opinion on its overall legal aspects

2. Valuation Report:

It contains the fair market value of the property along with robust opinion on regulatory approvals

3. Property credit history:

It gives access to the mortgage information of the property to prevent fraudulent transactions on the property. It has detailed information on the chain of property owners and summaries of all loans on the property. It consists of 2 important reports

  1. Property CIBIL report
  2. CERSAI check report

Market Dynamics reports:

It provides bird’s eye view of the real estate market of the city with specific focus on infrastructure, price indexes, demand-supply trends and investment opportunities.

5. Loan Documents:

This section contains List of Documents submitted to BFL and amortization chart

Customer proposition

Key value proposition to customer are as follows:

  1. In India, legal complexities of a property are highest. With property dossier, customer is assured of the Property Title and Legality with clear reports rather than blindly relying on checks done by financier
  2. Valuation report in Property Dossier acts as a proof of current market valuation of the property
  3. Property Credit history ( CIBIL, CERSAI report) enables customer to be assured of no fraudulent or misrepresentation of property related transactions in the past
  4. Comprehensive property analysis covering property city trends, infrastructure and connectivity, real estate market trends and investment opportunities.
  5. Exhaustive Good to know section which provides knowledge on process of share certificate transfer, Mutation, electricity bill ownership transfer, property tax and home loan registration
  6. Important property tips on what to do in case of loss of property documents and execution of property will in India

Property buyer always has anxiety pertaining to the property s/he is going to purchase. In India most of property related records are still not available online, making it extremely difficult for a buyer to check previous transactional and legal records of the property s/he is going to buy. To top it up, Legal records are very complex in nature and makes it very difficult for a common man to understand them. From technical side many approvals are required to be procured prior to construction of the property from various government authorities. Whether the developer has complied with all the norms and taken requisite approvals is not feasible for an individual buyer to verify. These are important compliances required to be checked before buying a property.

“To summarize, Property Dossier is as a One Stop information package to customers and can act as a complete guide on his pre and post property transaction”

To apply,write to us at or call us on our toll free number 1800 209 4151

Products Covered

We have a range of products to cover your varied needs. You can avail of our Loan Against Property for any of the following:

1. Loan Against Commercial Property

2. Loan Against Residential Property

3. Loan for Purchase of Commercial Property

4. Loan Against Plot

5. Lease Rental Discounting

6. FlexiSaver Loan

Eligibility and Documents

You are an Indian Resident
You are at least 25 years of age when the loan is sanctioned
You are a salaried professional or self-employed with a regular source of income
The minimum loan amount is Rs. 60 Lacs in case of Mumbai and Delhi, Rs. 30 Lacs in other cities


  • Application form
  • Photograph
  • Identity Proof
  • Address proof
  • Signature Proof
  • Date of Birth Proof
  • IT Returns & Balance Sheet & P/L Account statement for the last 2 years.
  • Business Continuity Proof for 5 years.
  • Bank Account Statements for the last 6 months.
  • Copy of property paper to be mortgaged.

*Kindly note that the list of documents mentioned is indicative. During loan processing additional documents may be asked for .The same will be appropriately communicated to you as and when required.

Fees and Charges

Processing Fees Upto 2% of the loan amount
Loan Statement charges Nil
Interest and Principle Statement charges Nil
PDC Swap charges Nil
EMI Bounce charges Rs.1000 for every bounce
Penal Interest 2% p. m.
Foreclosure charges * NIL
Part Prepayment charges * Nil
*Refer to Agreements and T&C.

Property Search Services

Searching for the perfect property is a task that requires guidance, at each step. We want to ensure that you get the best possible assistance right from search to purchase.

Click here to share your details and our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you.

Selecting a property through us brings you a bundle of benefits:

  • Access to structured real estate market information through newsletters and reports
  • Property search through the most credible, trained resources
  • Periodic updates on newly launched properties
  • Option of funding your property requirements from Bajaj Finserv
  • Special offers only for Bajaj Finserv customers
  • ‘Property Helpline’ to answer your real estate queries
  • Property valuation services at a preferential tariff

How to Apply

To apply for a Loan Against Property call us on 1800 2094151..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the maximum loan against property that I can get from Bajaj Finserv?

A.Bajaj Finance offers up to Rs. 21 Crores as Loan against Property and 50 Crores as Lease Rental Discounting

Q2. How do you determine my eligibility for a loan and the loan amount?

A. We consider the following factors to determine eligibility and loan amount

  • Age
  • Income
  • Valuation of Property (Fair market value)
  • Existing obligations, if any
  • Stability/Continuity of employment/Business
  • Past borrowing track record

Q3. If a property is jointly owned by an individual and his/her relatives, can he/she take a loan against this property?

A. All the co-owners of the considered property need to come in as co-applicants to the loan.

Q4. What is BFRR? How does it change?

A. BFRR is Bajaj Floating Reference Rate which is used as benchmark rates for loan against property customers. Any change in BFRR results in equivalent change in LAP customer’s ROI. BFRR is changed based on market conditions and cost of funds of the company.

Q5. How often do Interest rates change?

A. As per our re-pricing policy, interest rates are reviewed every two months and a decision is taken whether to change the interest rates or keep it unchanged.

Q6. I have taken a loan just one month back. How does change in interest rates work for me?

A.As per our re-pricing policy, interest rates will be changed only for those cases which are at least 3 months old. In your case, change in FRR will not have an immediate impact on interest rate of your loan. However once your loan is 3 months old, any changes in FRR in last 3 months will change your effective rate basis the margin on your loan.

Q7. What is the current BFRR (Bajaj Floating Reference Rate)?

A.Current BFRR (Bajaj Floating Reference Rate) is 20.15% effective since 5th Mar 2014.

Q8. What is the impact of change in Interest Rate?

A. The increase/ decrease in the Interest rate will by default increase/decrease the tenure of the loan with no change in the existing EMI.

Q9. What if I don’t want my loan tenure to change as a result of change in the Interest rate? Can I change my EMI or do I have any other options?

A. You can increase / reduce your EMI with no change in original tenure post repricing. You can make a part pre-payment and keep both the EMI and tenure same or ask for change of both the EMI and the tenure. These options are available to you without any additional fee. Please call our helpline number 1800-209-4151 for more details.

Q10. Are the interest rates going to change in the future?

A. These are market-determined rates and it is not possible for us to predict interest rate movements ahead of time.

Q11. Can I repay the loan ahead of schedule?

A. Yes, you can repay the loan ahead of schedule, without the payment of any foreclosure charges subject to clearance of the first EMI

Q12. I have taken a sanction on floating rate and have not availed any disbursement till date, how will the change impact me?

A. You are given a margin against Internal FRR in your sanction terms & conditions. In case you take the disbursement within the validity period mentioned in your sanction letter, your rate of interest will be calculated on the current FRR. For example, if Internal FRR at the time of loan sanction is 20.00% and margin offered to you was (-2.00%), thereby effective rate offered was 18%. If Internal FRR comes down to 18.50%, your effective rate of interest would be (18.50%- 2.00%) = 16.50%

Q13. Can I request for change in loan tenure and EMI?

A. Yes, you can request for change in your loan tenure and EMI in following circumstances:

  • After repricing of your loan due to change in BFRR.
  • At the time of making part prepayment in your loan account.

Please call us at our central helpline number or write to us at for more details.

Q14. Can Bajaj Finance Limited change the Spread between BFRR loan against property interest rates and customer interest rates?

A. The Spread between BFRR and Customer Rate of Interest is fixed and will not change except in situation where customer rate is higher than Max Rate Cap as per Proactive Repricing Policy*. Change in spread will always be done to give advantage of BFL Max Rate Cap as per Proactive Repricing Policy to customer and maintain customer rate at Max Cap Rate. In case of decrease in BFRR no change in spread / margin will be done.

*Refer Proactive Repricing Policy in Section Agreement and T&C of Loan against Property

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Write to us at to clear all your queries

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Agreements and T&C

Repricing Policy

The floating interest rate for Loan Against Property is linked to the internal Floating Reference Rate. It is the benchmark reference rate for Bajaj Finance Limited and is determined based on the prevalent market conditions and the cost of funds, as the cost of funds reduces/increases or as market conditions change internal FRR may be increased or reduced. The current FRR is 20.15% effective 5th March 2014. Any revision in this rate would impact the interest rate on the floating interest rate loans. The increase/ decrease in the interest rate will by default increase/decrease the loan tenor up to the permissible limit as per BFL norms. In case of an increase in the interest rate, if you want to retain your existing EMI/ Tenor, you will have an option of making a part pre payment and keeping your EMI/ Tenor constant. No additional charges would be levied for the same. The communication on the changes (Increase/ decrease) in the rate of interest would be sent by mail.

Proactive Repricing Policy

During the entire tenor of your loan, under no scenario will your Rate of interest exceed by 1.00% over the last quarter average Bajaj Finance acquisition rate. The pricing increase happens only in the scenario of an increase in the Cost of Funds and this policy is being put in place as a proactive measure to ensure that there is no inordinate increase in your loan pricing against new acquisitions and there is always parity for your loan. If a customer rate of interest exceeds the current BFL last quarter average acquisition rate by 1.00%, then such cases are reviewed every year in April and October and proactive correction is done in the rate by bringing it down to BFL last quarter average acquisition rate + 1.00%. For example if a customer Loan Account rate of interest is 14.50% in April/October v/s our last quarter average acquisition rate of 13.00% then in April / October we will review the same and revise the customer loan account rate of interest downwards equal to BFL last quarter average acquisition rate + 1.00%. i.e. 14.00% without any reduction in BFRR. This is done by increasing the spread / margin between your rate and BFRR.

The pricing increase happens only in the scenario of an increase in BFRR due to increase in our cost of funds and this policy is being put in place as a proactive measure to ensure that there is no inordinate increase in your loan pricing against new acquisitions and there is always reasonable parity between old and new customer rates

Applicable to:

  • Loan against Property
  • Lease Rental Discounting Loans

Exclusions:-Customer who will not be part of this policy

  • Less than 6 EMI Paid Accounts
  • Flexi Saver Loans
  • Loan against Plot
  • Loan Accounts where there are 3 or more EMI’s are dishonoured in last 12 months prior to Proactive Repricing day.
  • Loan Accounts who have ever delayed EMI Payment by more than 30 Days during tenor of the loan

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